About Us

Springbank Koi & Aquatics was established in 1990 but is now under new ownership and investment is currently being made into updating the store and increasing its stock. Major manufacturers currently in store are AEM, AquaSource, Draco, JBL, Kusuri and SuperFish with others soon to follow. Products include Air Pumps, Bowls, Drums, Filters, Filter Media, Koi Food, Medications, Nets, Pipework, Pumps, Test Kits, UVs, Water Additives and much more.

Springbank Koi is not just an on-line shop but also a retail store where we welcome customers to come and make their purchases direct. We are open 6 days a week 10am to 5pm Monday to Saturday (closed Tuesdays) and 10am to 4pm Sundays.

There have recently been shipments from Japan and Yoshikoi with some amazing Koi ranging from Tosai (15cm) to jumbo. The Japanese breeders include NND, Matsunosuke, Torazo, Yagenji, Yamamatsu etc.

Clayton Morris, Manager of Springbank Koi, has been working extremely hard to bring to the koi world a new and exciting store where customers can browse at their leisure as well as relaxing in the conservatory over a brew.

Springbank Koi are very proud to announce that Clayton has recently obtained a Distinction + Credits for passing the Extreme Koi Health Course. This amazing achievement means he has the knowledge and capabilities of diagnosing and treating koi.

In addition to dry goods and livestock we also have an experienced team who provide pond building, health visits, UV installation and bulb replacements, maintenance visits and much more. For peace of mind, call in the professionals and ring us on 01772 681883.