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Kiyomizu Adult 6mm 7kg


Product information

Adult Koi grow more slowly and start to develop their body shape and colour. It is therefore essential to change their feed, making sure they are given the ingredients they need for this stage of life.
Kiyomizu Adult contains prebiotics and probiotics to strengthen the health and vitality of Koi.

Kiyomizu consists of: 

  • BIO-MOS® (mannan oligosaccharides) 
  • organic trace elements
  • astaxanthin
  • easily digestible protein
  • prebiotics and probiotics
  • organically bonded vitamins and minerals
  • special algae products - essential for the production of Omega 3
  • Montmorillonite clay (bentonite)
  • yeast extracts
  • ingredients to improve digestion


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